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About Us

Posh Culture is a cosmetic brand whose aim is to join the movement of redefining beauty. Our brand is dedicated to #poshbeauties EVERYWHERE and our goal is to supply our beauties and the entire industry with makeup that is fun, vibrant, posh and full of festive vibes. The focus of the brand is to display to the world that beauty exists in everything! Each collection is branded not only to illustrate that there is beauty in everything, but to educate our beauties while establishing a posh brand. We have found a unique way to celebrate our love for ALL THINGS POSH while embracing our love for beauty and we are excited to share this with you!


At a very young age Daniele and Arianna aspired to establish a beauty empire that included cosmetic services and products and apparel in their hometown of the British Virgin Islands. Growing up, they would often sit and talk about being entrepreneurs, a innate passion honed by being raised in a family of business owners.


After the devastation of their home country during the passage of Hurricane Irma in 2017, the decision to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations in the US was made. Daniele and Arianna felt that there was a need to showcase to the world how such an unfortunate event only further proved the resilience and positive vibes of their people.


In addition to this, they felt that there was a lack of Caribbean culture represented in the beauty industry, hence their decision to shed light on the that region through their first collection, Treasures of the Caribbean.


Their heritage has provided a strong foundation of diversity which they celebrate and proudly showcase through their products.